About Us

Pollen Environmental, LLC. is an Alaskan owned small business.  We are proud to be a minority owned and woman owned enterprise, with analytical laboratories in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay.  Both laboratories are ADEC certified.  The Pollen family and staff have over 75 years of combined Alaskan analytical, environmental and sampling experience.  We serve the Interior and North Slope of Alaska by providing analytical laboratory, sampling and consulting services for water, wastewater, remediation, hazardous waste, spill cleanup and a wide variety of other environmental areas.

The Fairbanks laboratory is located at 3536 International Street off Van Horn Road.  The laboratory is open to receive samples from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

The Prudhoe Bay laboratory is located at the North Slope Borough SA-10 utilities building just south of the main Service Area 10 camp.  Please contact us for times and availability regarding our Prudhoe Bay operation.


Our laboratory maintains a very high standard of quality control in its analytical services. Our analyses are performed using procedures approved by Standard Methods, EPA and ADEC. Our analytical QA begins with the use of precision laboratory equipment, which is calibrated and maintained to the highest professional standards. QC includes the use of blanks, standards, spikes, replicates, and reference samples as appropriate to ensure accuracy and precision. Our QC procedures and record of QA/QC performance are maintained on file for all work done in our laboratories.


We maintain a strict standard of confidentiality for all work done in our laboratories. Unless required by the laws of the State of Alaska or by Federal regulation, only the client’s designated representatives and the Pollen Environmental staff are permitted access to test results. Clients may arrange data releases to other parties. Please note that, as an ADEC-certified laboratory, we are required to report public water supply test results listed in 18 AAC 80.070 to ADEC when those data are released to the client.

Employment Opportunities:

Please check back for future employment opportunities.  For inquiries regarding hiring, please contact Tamara Pollen at tamara@pollenenv.com