Pollen Environmental, LLC provides state certified analytical testing for well water, public water systems and ground water and surface water sources.  We have developed a wide range of service packages and capabilities to assist you with the potable water monitoring needs for residential water and public water systems.  We can also assist with water quality monitoring for raw surface and ground water source development, construction dewatering, drilling fluid reserve pits and confirmation screening for spills and other environmental projects.


Pollen Environmental, LLC conducts wastewater testing for facilities of all sizes and technologies ranging from package membrane filtration systems to full sized industrial pretreatment plants.  We are familiar with APDES and NPDES requirements and provide quick turnaround and quality data.  Ensuring that your wastewater facility is operating at its fullest potential and keeping the facility in compliance with your discharge permit is our top priority.


Pollen Environmental, LLC handles a wide variety of environmental analysis for waste streams, spill sites, site monitoring, mining and oilfield development and hazardous waste.  Please contact us for your environmental testing needs and we would be happy to provide an estimate for our services.


Pollen Environmental provides sampling services in Prudhoe Bay and Fairbanks, including water sampling, field monitoring, spill site delineation and cleanup, remediation, hazardous waste and many other areas.  Please contact us for rates and availability for sampling services.

Basic Well Water Package:

Ensuring that you have safe well water for your family, business or community is extremely important.  There are several tests that can be performed to determine the quality of your well water.  The Basic Well Water Package includes tests for the presence of commonly found contaminants in Alaska.  Tests include Total Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate and Arsenic.

See our water quality fact sheets regarding these tests.

Well Water Treatment Package:

This package has been complied to assist you in determining the best treatment options for your well water, or determining the effectiveness of your current treatment system.  This package includes all of the Basic Well Water Package, Hardness, Iron, Manganese and Langlier Index.  These tests will help indicate if your water is corrosive or could develop scale in your pipes.  Other tests that could be useful for determining effectiveness of treatment systems are lead, copper and sodium.  These tests can be requested in addition to the Well Water Treatment Package.

See our water quality fact sheets regarding these tests.

Public Water Systems:

Pollen Environmental, LLC can assist your public water system with routine monitoring required by ADEC.  From setting up sampling schedules and keeping track of your routine and non-routine monitoring requirements, we will do our best to ensure that your required testing is completed.  We are currently developing a sample pick up service in the interior including providing an option for Pollen Environmental to collect your samples.

Training and Consultation:

The Pollen family has a long history in Alaska with water and wastewater consultation and operator training services.  Please visit for more information regarding these services.